Former Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel was good in Philadelphia. Yeah, he tackled like a pussy, too often gambled and hung unsuspecting teammates out to dry, and many times felt disrespected (for whatever reason) despite inking a six-year, $56 million contract with the team prior to the 2008 season. Still, he did what he was paid to do. He recorded 23 interceptions and provided several game-changing plays during his four years in Philadelphia.

But now that he’s in Atlanta, a city where the Falcons take a backseat to the college game, Asante took to Twitter (shocker) to talk some trash on the Eagles and their fans.

A few things here, bro:

1) You had two interceptions against the Eagles in 2007. Against A.J. Feeley. It’s now 2012. You got cut because it’s not, you know, 2007 anymore.

2) He’s right about fans turning on the Eagles. He won’t have to worry about that in Atlanta, where the general attitude is one of complete indifference and the noise in the Georgia Dome is pumped in by fireworks and a really good PA system.

3) Your rap brand sucks. You’re a 31-year-old millionaire that plays football like fucking Peter Pan. You aren’t hard.