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Hey Maurice,
I’m a regular reader on Barstool NY but I will occasionally head over to you guys at Barstool Philly. I love the Ask a Black Blogger section. Anyway here is a question that I feel would be excellent for you to ponder. What is your favorite movie that is clearly targeted at black people.


One of the things I love about America is how different cultures are practically forced into one another based on pop culture. Like I know there are plenty of you out there that grew up without a single black friend but know all the words to the Fresh Prince theme song. Whatever’s popular in this country tends to permeate any cultural barriers to get there. Black movies are a great example of this.

Dave, here is my end-all Top 5 Greatest Black Movies List. There are of course a ton more that didn’t quite make the cut, and if I was less sure of my list I would namedrop movies like Juice, Menace II Society, and Dead Presidents to cover my ass, but that’s not my style. I stick by my choices:

Top Five Black Movies Ever

5. Lean On Me

Morgan Freeman kills this role. I don’t care how hard somebody thinks they are. You lock them up for 2+ hours with a copy of Lean on Me and that motherfucker will leave teary-eyed and inspired. Just the way it is. If I could do the impression, I would have been rocking a grey suit and megaphone as Principal Joe Clark for Halloween years ago.

4. House Party

Nuff said. FYI, Kid and Tisha Cambell would have created the lightest-skinned black person in history.

3. Boyz N the Hood

Rickyyyyy!! Ricky getting shot in the back is one of the most memorable black movie moments ever. Great movie. The film that made Cuba Gooding Jr. a star until he ruined it by being in that weird gay cruise movie with Horatio Sanz and going full retard.

2. Friday

Hard not to have this as #1. Pretty sure I know every word to this movie. I would say that at least a quarter of black America falls asleep with this movie on in the background at least once a week. Can’t even help it — it’s on TV more than Forrest Gump and Seinfeld reruns.

1. Coming To America

The greatest black movie of all-time. One of if not the greatest comedy ever made. This is the movie that every black person in America is required to know by heart. If you ever run up on a black guy who has never heard of King Joffe Joffer or McDowell’s Restaurant I guarantee he’s from Canada or some shit. If I had a mansion, this movie (and not Scarface) would be playing 24 hours a day in at least two of the rooms.

Five through one — that’s the list.