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First of all — yes. Yes he talks that way all the time.

Second of all I have no clue why my phone isn’t ringing off the hook at least for a backup QB job right now. Jaws was slobbering all over my deep balls (PHRASING!) and dishing out high-five after high-five to the point I wished Smitty was Maclin so I could really show what I got. Instead the poor kid nearly got worked into an early grave by Ron “I Could Throw A Football 84 Yards But Not Really Because That’s Impossible” Jaworski. Made me look bad, although in the end I got most of the quotes I wanted:

“Your deep ball is good!” – Ron Jaworski
“Maurice let it rip, man!” -Ron Jaworski
“Viva La Stool, baby.” – Ron Jaworski

You dummies might’ve been laughing at my apparent lack of athleticism, but the guy who analyzes football for ESPN seems to think I’m pretty good. Pretty much all that matters. Besides getting that “pro-caliber arm” comment next year.

Again we had a fantastic time with the Soul and the AFL in general; they were really cool about everything. Even got a write-up in the AFL Field Pass blog. As always wanna thank our main video guy @BarstoolFranco as well as our second video guy on that day John Pierce (@Philly_John).

We’ll be back.