YouTubeFrom yesterday’s Monday Morning Podcast, Bill Burr loses his shit while trying to promote “Shari’s Berries”

Take notes owners of businesses and so called moguls. This is how you advertise. Are you fortunate to have a company spend their hard earned money to advertise on your platform and basically directly pay your bills for you? Fuck em. Just trash them right in front of their faces. You may think it’s bad for business but guess what, pulling the old reach around with fire and demolishing Shari’s Berries just gave them 100x more bang for their advertising buck than if solely the normal script was read. Just imagine how much money would roll in if some underpaid, rogue employee went unnecessarily apeshit on a company that made the un-tucked shirt look legal? Millions of Internet dollars might all of a sudden hit Bitcoin levels rather than staying at the current monetary equivalent of a Rupee from The Ocarina of Time.

Plus say what you want about the queerfulness that is Shari’s Berries, but chocolate covered strawberries are the certified tits times infinity. The perfect gift to give and subsequently snipe off the epidemic of gold digging whores we have roaming around this great country.