YouTube – This dumb ass had the balls to come to his first day of work banged up on 5 percosets. After (and I swear) It said No drug attics, coke heads in my employment ad on cl. Anyone who sides with this moron has to have a drug problem.

Video came out last year but it’s going viral now and worth showing. If you own a business in which you have to say in your ad for hiring employees “no drug addicts or coke heads” and then only put the ad out on Craigslist, chances of you hiring someone who has once smoked dick for smack is 110%. Everyone who has ever slept in a bus station bathroom for consecutive nights will be at the library the next day applying over the free internet directly before getting blacked out by 1pm. Even so, can’t agree with this boss more. Ain’t his problem, the man is just trying to run a credible business. Just hope the “cocksucker” didn’t end up killing himself. Eh, maybe I do.

“It’s as obvious as a fucking dog’s balls you have a fucking drug problem.” Gold. Even though it really depends on the dog.