yahooThe NHL and NHLPA continued to inch towards an end to the lockout on Saturday in New York City, with mediator Scot Beckenbaugh meeting with the sides individually and then bringing them together for a negotiating session. According to Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record, there’s been one bit of progress: “It sounds like players have agreed to 10-year CBA with mutual out after Year 8. Were previously looking for the out after Year 7.” The two sides had previously agreed on a 10-year CBA term earlier in the week, but the NHLPA wanted an opt-out after seven years, meaning we could go through this labor hell three times in 14 years.

Apparently settling on 10 years is a huge deal and should lead to end of the NHL Lockout. And thank God, too, because there were a lot of people who were really hurting for some hockey. Sure there are your normal Russians and Canadians who were upset, but nobody is really talking about the effects a puckless winter have had on the African American community. Old black ladies crying over their Logan Couture jerseys. Little urban kids left completely bereft of any sports heroes to look up to. What did the NHL expect the African American community to do with no hockey? Watch basketball? Please.

Either way, it looks like the nightmare is about to be over. T-minus not long before the Flyers get the opportunity to save the city of Philadelphia from any more shitty team-related homicides.