DM – A former senior Army female officer has said that women soldiers should not be allowed to fight on the front line because they are not fit enough. Major Judith Webb also said that the prospect of women dying in direct combat would be too shocking for the public to handle. She told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme: ‘By opening it up to women, are women shooting themselves in the foot? Because they are not going to be able to meet those standards.’

Cue up the feminazis! Another sleazy, old, misogynistic dude in the Army saying that women can’t handle the rigors of front-line warfare…wait…this is a high ranking woman official saying that her own sex can’t hang with the boys? Well no shit. And it’s not discriminatory at all, men are simply physically better than woman when it comes to handling stuff like this. If that wasn’t the case then why aren’t there any chicks playing professional sports with men? Simple. Because women aren’t as physically gifted. Women are technically allowed to play in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB if they could, but outside of the occasional female kicker in college and that one piece of ass who started at goalie in a pre-season game, nobody has come close. Don’t blame men, blame evolution. Sly tits Judith knows it, why doesn’t the American military? Right now the only women that are good enough to go to the front is Mr. Britney Griner from Baylor and any woman featured on American Gladiators. Works nicely for them as the horse testosterone they’ve taken over the years have made their newly formed balls bullet-proof.

PS – Not to be insensitive at all and am NOT making a joke out about it, but holy hell if some of these countries got ahold of a woman POW who was in combat I can’t even imagine how much torture and anguish they would go through. Might as well give them a one-way ticket to Gang Rape City.