The Flyers are just a few short days away from slapping this dark hockey-less Philly winter in the face with their composite sticks of justice!  Thank you sweet little Canadian baby Jesus. Frozen cum everywhere.

Claude Giroux.  God I can’t wait to see him flying around the ice with that Keystone C on his left tittie. Remember when he dumped Crosby on his ass and then scored 30 seconds later in game 6 vs the Pens last year?  That was the moment that he became the Captain in my mind.  93 points in 77 games. 8 goals in the playoffs.  I can’t wait to see this filthiness continue on Jan 19th against those same Penguins.

This year is gonna be a tough year for young guys trying to crack the opening day lineup. I doubt we’ll see any Matt Reads this year.  Although a lot of people like young D-man Tye McGinn with his 17.3 shot percentage to compete for a job on that 3rd blue-line pairing. But the most logical step is to wait a couple weeks on the potential types and play the  familiar faces to start the season. You can’t afford to start off slow this year.  There’s gonna be 3-4 games a week. That is awesome for fans, but is gonna be rough on the players.  We’re gonna see a lot of injuries this season.  So I anticipate us seeing a lot of different guys in these upcoming 48 games.


Line Combos:

Line 1
Hartnell- Giroux- Voracek
You figure Voracek is basically Jagr’s stunt double.  Big body that can create shots. I wouldn’t mind seeing Simmonds on this line either.  Hopefully Hartsy can take his game and his beard to another level this season.

Line 2
Schenn- Briere- Simmonds
I’m just gonna assume that Briere is back in time for opening day. He’s been playing in live competitive games all this time and is poised for a fast start.  Although I’d rather see Danny B with Fedotenko on the left and Voracek on the right, I think Schenn is ready to be on a top line. He’s averaging a point a game for the Phantoms.

Line 3
Fedotenko- Couturier- Read
Not a typical bruising third line, but Couturier can get physical when he has to.  Will be tough for opposing teams to match up with them.  Read is a solid player and can be instant offense on a good day.  Fedotenko is an amoebic player that has had success on multiple teams, with multiple responsibilities.

Line 4
Wellwood- Talbot- Sestito
Talbot is the best fourth line center in the game.  His line-mates are gonna change a lot over the next few months, but I like Wellwood with his speed and experience and Sestito with his size to flank Talbot to start with.  I just don’t want to see Rinaldo or Shelley unless its an emergency.

Coburn- Schenn
We finally got a threatening  right hand shot at the blueline. Great size and skill in Coburn. Schenn will be in the top 5 in hits.

Timonen- Meszaros
Meszaros should be good to go on opening day.  Looking to get some offense out of this line.

Grossmann- Gervais
This is a very solid third pair. It could be Gustaffson, Lilja, Bourdon, or McGinn.  Gervais is probably the best of this bunch in my opinion.

We got nice size and skill on the blue-line this year.  I’m comfortable with it, although the consensus  seems to think the Flyers will be great on offense and struggle on defense. I’m actually a little nervous about offensive productivity over  the long run.

Gervais 6’1 – 200
Coburn  6’5 – 220
Grossmann 6’4 – 230
Timonen 5’10 -  194
Meszaros 6’2 – 223
L. Schenn 6’2- 229

Bryz is gonna be fine. If not, we can buy him out.  If Leighton plays more than 5 games this season I’ll be shocked.

I like our chances in a short season.  Laviolette runs his squad hard, players should burn out at the end of June instead of the end of April this year.

For real though,  I’m tired of being treated like a piece of shit NHL. You just can’t leave for months on end and then come back and expect everything to be ok.  It’s not ok…. Ah fuck it, I’m over it. Bring those big ol’ slapshots over here baby!

Waited along time for this one…