Fucking broads. Ruthless. She’s supposed play along and knock his visor off with a simple kick and what does she do? Bitch pulls a double clutch kick the likes of Sonya from Mortal Kombat that will give him concussion-like symptoms for the next year. Give her credit though, she’s probably been waiting for this moment for years. Guaranteed these 45-year-old drunks come in after playing 18 every weekend hammered and give her the most sexist shit they can legally get away with. Coming into the clubhouse smashed blatantly staring at her tits and only referring to her as ‘toots’ while sneaking in old man ass grabs at every opportunity. Comes with the territory of being a woman near the game. Unless of course you’re a woman playing golf. Then you’re just yelled at for holding up the game and asked politely to please return to the inside of Rosie O’donnell’s box where a timeshare is being held for the LGPA.