Go get em’, Larry. If almost 50 years of constant pressure, anger and demands from the American public to get a more adequate conclusion to what happened on that faithful day in November of 1963, a retired Chipper Jones will happily put a dip in his lip and get results via his rifle knowledge. Even though I agree with Chipper that something is off with the assassination, what good does it do? We’re never going to get a true answer. As far as I’m concerned, rank up what the Warren Commission actually found with being as make believe as elves, gremlins and Eskimos. Now let’s all blindly go forth in to this country’s future and believe correctly that this nation was founded on the Christian faith, the Spanish blew up the Maine, Obama is the Antichrist, Iraq still has WMD’s hidden somewhere, Ronald Reagan never raised taxes and it’s all ending on December 21st of this year.

Here’s your token Seinfeld reference that I would get killed if I didn’t mention, you unoriginal assclowns: