WASHINGTONAdrienne Pine was in a jam. The assistant anthropology professor at American University was about to begin teaching “Sex, Gender & Culture,” but her baby daughter woke up in the morning with a fever. The single mother worried that she had no good child-care options. So Pine brought her sick baby to class. The baby, in a blue onesie, crawled on the floor of the lecture hall during part of the 75-minute class two weeks ago, according to the professor’s account. The mother extracted a paper clip from the girl’s mouth at one point and shooed her away from an electrical outlet. A teaching assistant held the baby and rocked her at times, volunteering to help even though Pine stressed that she didn’t have to. When the baby grew restless, Pine breast-fed her while continuing her lecture in front of 40 students.

This woman is just a lose-lose-lose bitch in every aspect of her life. Loss to her students cause she’s one of those professors who never cancels class no matter what (honestly nothing worse than these assholes who think their value of education is that important). Loss as a mother because she neglects giving her child medical care and lets her baby with a fever crawl on the cold floor chewing on paperclips. Loss as a professor because she thought it was a good idea to teach students with her tits in an infant’s mouth not being a distraction. You’re single for a reason, darling.

I don’t get how this broad was allowed to bring her sick infant into a setting designed to educate students paying a shit load of money to learn, let alone be able to whip her tits out. Oh, breastfeeding is a natural occurrence? So are erections and masturbation. Guess this elitist professor wouldn’t mind if one of her students stood up and started to Dolph the Lundgren to relieve some spontaneous wood while her tits are out. See how she feels when her infant crawls dangerously close to money shot town.