APA photo of Rep. David Wu wearing a tiger costume and other unusual revelations about his mental health are increasing pressure on the seven-term Oregon Democrat to step down. But the lawmaker says he’s not quitting even as an editorial in one of the state’s largest newspapers and the state Republican chairman called for his resignation. Wu said this week that it was “unprofessional and inappropriate” to send pictures of himself wearing a tiger costume to staff members while he was in the middle of a heated campaign last year. He also acknowledged taking two tablets of a pain killer that were given to him by an unnamed campaign donor.Even as Wu faces pressure to quit, some of his top political supporters are sticking by him. “We support David Wu because he’s a strong supporter of working families,” said Arthur Towers, political director for the Service Employees International Union in Oregon. “Clearly he’s going through some personal health problems, and now is not the time to change our position.”

Yup, these are the people representing the good ole U. S. of A.   And you know what, if this guy quits he’s a fuckin moron.  Doesn’t he realize that by gettin wasted and dressing up like a freak he is doing his job better than about 90% of the phony political leaders in this country.  As a member of the House of Representatives he is there to represent the people of his district.  And I would bet my entire Barstool salary of 4 peanuts that there are at least 15  full-blown “furries” living in his district right now.