DMA grandmother faces eviction from her home after waging a 12-year campaign of harassment against her neighbours during which she made their lives a ‘living hell’. Joan Nisbet, 71, sprayed weedkiller in a woman’s face, blared gangster rap music, took part in naked sex acts and drove one neighbour to the brink of suicide. In an unprecedented move, Croydon Council in Surrey have applied to place a closure order on her home in Kenley – a procedure normally used for shutting down drug dens. During her 12-year campaign, she: Sprayed weedkiller into the face of neighbour Lorraine Crowley, 55, and threw a pot of paint over 47-year-old Maria Bignell; Blared music from gangsta rap group NWA, along with Eminem and Queen songs into the early hours; Took part in sex acts with a boyfriend in the garden, forcing Maria and husband Mark into building a 7ft 6in fence. Threatened to kill Mrs Bignell’s children. Drove Mrs Crowley’s husband, Paul, to the verge of taking his own life.

Good luck evicting saggy tits here from her abode just because you don’t like her as a neighbor. When are people going to realize that the elderly are the epitome of not giving a fuck? Doesn’t matter if they’re holding up traffic going 35mph on the expressway, using ‘Chinaman’ and ‘Colored’ in casual conversations to describe people or thinking that the gym locker room is an appropriate place where they can thoroughly examine a goyder on their taint, they do what they want. Joan Nisbet has about 3-5 good years left Goddamned right she’s going down swinging with old school Dr. Dre and Ice Cube while having some rustic sex next to her springtime tomatoes. And no way she moves out. Old people defend their homes like Custards Last Stand and don’t leave unless they die or go senile. At least for the neighbors this bitch seems like she’s 95% of the way to either one.