DMA spurned lover has been convicted of assaulting her partner – by biting his penis during a fight. Sinead Walker, 40, had gone to her ex-partner Vincent Rennoldson’s flat in Bath, Somerset, to apologize for an earlier argument during which she had assaulted him. The mother-of-one – who had consumed an entire bottle of wine – pulled down his boxer shorts, grabbed his penis, tried to tear it off – and then bit it. ‘She was on her knees, got it in her hands and just started biting. I just screamed – the pain was excruciating.  ’There was a lot of blood and it was painful for weeks afterwards. I now have a three-inch scar on the bottom of my willy.  ’It has affected me – I was watching Jaws the other night but had to turn over. If you hit or kick someone that’s one thing – but biting them down there is another thing.’

Farewell and adieu to your fair English willy. I feel for Emo Phil Collins here. Probably all excited he’s about to get a guilt free, make up BJ from the ex then all of a sudden she’s trying to start a lawnmower and when that fails she bites down like The Walking Dead. Of course he’s scarred for life. There can’t be anything worse than realize someone is Hannibal Lecturing your dick. You can shoot me, stab me, even sodomize me with a tire iron dipped in AIDS and I’d still recover better than if I witnessed someone biting my manhood off. And say what you want, but if a man can’t enjoy the movie Jaws because it brings back painful memories of his dick being hungry hungry hippoed means this bitch should get some extra time in the clink. Movie is a cinematic masterpiece. Quint battled man eating sharks for a living and he wouldn’t even mess with this psychotic bitch. Take a lot more than 10K for him catch this bird alone and deliver the head, the tits, the whole damn thing. Plus you can assume this guy is excluding cocktail weenies from his diet for now on. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, cocktail weenies are the fucking truth. This bitch should rot in hell.