AUSTRALIAThe Ananas Bar and Brasserie said the bright red-lipped urinals shaped like an open mouth were “a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel”. But feminist, former political adviser and writer Anne Summers said the design was offensive. “Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny,” said Summers. “The concept is pretty challenging and confronting. They’re asking men to put their d(expletive) in these mouths as urinals.”

Somebody needs to put their d(expletive) in this woman’s mouth and use it as a urinal and she’d probably enjoy it. There has to be a special kind of feminist who wanders into men’s bathrooms and complains about what they piss into. The Yoda of dick squeezers. Seriously, who cares? If the urinal was shaped as a dude’s mouth yeah it would be a little weird but would people be complaining? Fucking chicks, man. They’re lucky that when men have to take a leak they don’t just stop women on the street and start giving them a good ol’ Golden Shower. Pretty sure that’s how it was done during Roman times and life was much happier back then. It’s a urinal shaped like a woman’s mouth. Get over it, toots. The only urinal in the world that you have a ‘misogyny’ claim over is the one in Pres’s basement where it’s just a bucket with a blow-up doll of Jenna Marbles on it and the only way to get an opening shot to piss in is to repeatedly punch the doll in the face while yelling “You owe me, bitch! You owe me!!!!”