Bad news is that Hartnell is out 4-8 weeks with a broken foot.  Good news is the Flyers played their best team game of the season and got their first win. It was the first win against the Rangers in two years. Capped the night by signing burly ass Mike Knuble for some doorstep depth.

Flyers played great. The 5-3 penalty kill was amazing. Talbot was everywhere, and Bryzgalov played outstaningk and stole us that game. He was asked if this is what Flyers hockey is all about, and he said, “I don’t know what Flyers hockey is, but the team played great.”  Well, Bryz, you gonna learn today. You gonna learn what a long dick look like TODAY. Alright alright alright!

[Editors Note: are hockey fans too white for this reference, realanonymous?]

Welcome to Flyers Hockey 101. What is Flyers hockey? Well kids, its all about hustle. A high powered hard working offense, intimidating hits, and a couple of fights.  Whatever it takes to get the people going.

Example 1.  After being completely robbed by an amazing glove save by Lundqvist,  the Flyers could have gone into snake bite mode, but no, they kept working hard and got a good karma goal off the skate of Simmonds.

Example 2.  Grossmann leveled Gaborik into the stanchion early on in the game, and Gabby went missing after that.  Took him out on a clean hit, neutralized his balls.

Example 3.  Tye McGinn gets into a scrap and it turns into one of the best hockey fights I’ve seen in a long time. Who new the kid could scrap like that? That shit was awesome and got the crowd going.

Red players vs Blue players attached to poles, that’s dome hockey.

One puck, two paddles and a table that pumps out air, that’s air hockey.

Three quarters, a table, and your fingers, that’s coin hockey.

Very physical game with a combined 46 hits and 35 blocked shots. That’s fucking Flyers hockey.

Couturier is playing like a grizzled veteran. The team is asking a lot out of this 20 year old kid, and so far he is stepping up to the challenge. He played 19:20 minutes against the top line and completely shut them down. He’s a stud.

Read and Simmonds looked like they belonged on the same line as Giroux. Very impressed by these two guys so far.  Balls out hustle from start to finish.

Now we go to Florida for the weekend to take on the Panthers and the Lightning. Flyers have gotta keep this momentum going.  We’ll most likely have Briere back and we’ll see what kind of contribution Knuble brings. Keep B. Schenn on the fourth line until he learns how to play in the NHL.  Here’s to being .500 by Monday.