YouTube – This lady was infuriated at a McDonalds in Baton Rouge when they wouldn’t put her overflow frappuccino in a 32 oz styro cup, even though she only wanted to pay for a regular. Once the girl dumped the overflow out, homegirl flipped.

“Bitch I got money bitch!” You’ve got money, honey? Eating at McDonalds and threatening to call a district manager over “ate dollas” really shows the vast wealth you possess. Granted, judging by the size of her gunt she’s spent enough time in fast food establishments where I’d trust she knows what she’s talking about when discussing the proper way to make shit in a McDonalds. Ph.D in McNuggatry. But homegirl should stop throwing out claims that she makes more in a day than the bigger broad does in a week. Not true. Big Bertha behind the counter easily pulls down good money when you combine the job, child support payments and bathroom drug deals. $25K in Baton Rouge is like $60K in any part in America where the literacy rate is over 75%.