Now it’s a series.

It felt weird playing the Devils without any of the traditional feelings of intense hatred that I have grown accustomed to over the years.  The Game 2 loss went a long way in reviving the rivalry.

The Devils will have to play like they did in Game 2 in every game now if they want to win this series.  They executed a perfect game plan against the Flyers, and if they can keep it going, then they have a better shot at the series than I originally thought.  I think the Devils deserve credit for the win more so than the Flyers deserve blame for losing it.

Flyers were not able to skate the puck in.  Giroux can usually dangle through center  because the defense has to respect his ability and they often collapse to protect the net, but the Devils were forcing dump-ins all night.  Also, the Flyers were not able to create a menacing forecheck. I don’t know if this was a product of playing with a lead, but our usual balls-out stylings didn’t go well last night.  Obviously, the Flyers are not a “protect the lead” kind of team.  It’s equivalent to the old prevent defense adage in football, “Prevent defense prevents wins” Flyers are more of a “rope-a-dope”  style of team. Take a beating until the opponent punches himself out, and then strike.

Let’s take a look at some of the keys to victory in this series:

Briere- Danny Fuckin Playoffs is a target. Jersey has to do whatever they can to make his shifts as uncomfortable as possible and they did a great job against him last night.  That said, Briere has to play without the puck, and not get caught up on the boards and in puck battles. Need the grinders to play that game, not Danny F.

Giroux- Can’t really tell Giroux nothin.  Just need him to play his game. Not a big fan of him being double shifted or using him at the point on power plays. Sometimes less is more. The over usage of Giroux takes the other players out of the game and prevents them from rolling 4 deep.

Voracek- He is establishing himself as a great playmaker. Get him the puck and let him be the point guard. If Voracek can get Briere going than that line should be the difference in the series.

JVR- Need you in this series Reemer.  Can’t nobody on Jersey stop him if he plays with an edge.  Plus, he’s got a history of playing well against the Devils.  Need him to do the dirty work that Schenn was doing in the Pittsburgh series.

More physicality.  More nastiness.  The Devils have played their best two games already, and I don’t know how they are going to be able to hang with us for more than 5 games.  Let’s be the ones to end Marty’s career.