So this brew-ha-ha went down in a Rugby match between Belgium and Georgia over the weekend, and even thought the fight is meh, it got me thinking about a blog Mo wrote last year, Who Wins In A Fight Between NBA And NHL Players? Obviously, the answer to that question is NHL players because of the overall toughness and lack of guns allowed in an honest fist fight.

But if you had to pick the athletes from a sport not involving boxing or MMA to go to a brawl with, gotta be some Rugby hooligans, right? These dudes are huge, have no tolerance to pain and, even better, are usually drunk enough to not give a fuck. 20-life doesn’t come to mind when there’s a throat that’s unprotected and looks fun to stomp. Which is amazing because they come from cultures that feature the pinnacle of vaginitas in soccer. I mean for shit’s sake they’ve got guys who have ruptured their testicles during games and not only keep playing but get hammered afterwards. Just imagine how many wild haymakers to the dome it would take for that guy to pass out before he bites off your nuts in honor of his. A thugs game played by gentlemen.

Vote 1 for Rugby isn’t even a real sport and 10 for I would rather be pinned down in a dark alley with a drunk and horny Mike Tyson during his prime than face off against any one of these foreign fucks:

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PS – A great 14-minutes of scrum city to accentuate my point: