PFT – One of the many criticisms the Eagles’ coaching staff has heard this season is that they haven’t made good use of the talents of running back LeSean McCoy. Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, however, says that criticism is not valid. When it was pointed out to Mornhinweg that the Eagles are 3-0 in the three games this season when McCoy had at least 20 carries, and 0-6 in the six games when he had fewer than 20 carries, Mornhinweg dismissed it. Asked what he makes of the stat, Mornhinweg suggested that the reporter asking him was mistaking cause for effect. “I make that we’re in four-minute [offense] at the end of the game, so he gets a few more carries,” Mornhinweg said. “It’s just simple.” There’s some truth to the idea that teams run more when thy’re already winning, and therefore at the end of the game the stats show that the winning team ran more. However, points out that McCoy has had only five carries in the final four minutes of wins this season, and all three of the Eagles’ wins were close games that went down to the wire, so the Eagles weren’t handing off to McCoy to protect leads late in games.

The heartless defense. The worst special team in the league. The O-Line that might as well play armless. The ball avoiding Vick like it’s afraid it’s going to contract herpes (Ron Mexico lives). Yes, all of that sucks. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has pissed me and a lot of the fans of this team off more than the fact that we have arguably one of the Top 3 RB’s in the league (Foster, Rice, Shady) and we neglect to give him the ball.

The stat says it all: 3-0 when McCoy has at least 20 carries, 0-6 when he doesn’t. One would think a team with a mentally handicapped coach, quarterback and offense in general would rely on the talent Shady possesses. Oh, but you don’t know the fucked up arrogance that is Andy Reid’s staff. 1st and goal from the 6? Let’s get Bryce Brown in there to shake things up a bit. Or let’s drop Vick back twice and make it 3rd and 39, if we’re lucky enough he didn’t fumble or throw a desperation heave/pick 6. Infuriating.

I don’t even know what the shit he’s talking about with “4 minute offenses at the end of games.” Marty’s living in a fucking fantasy land where the Eagles 6-3 and are ahead by 2 touchdowns with 10 minutes to go and they have the luxury to run out the clock. But nope, they’re 3 and mother fucking 6 and could very well be 0-9 if it weren’t for last minute drives to save them.

There was a stat I heard on 97.5 last night that compared the Eagles to the Ravens. The Ravens have 170 less total yards than the Eagles this year, yet have scored exactly 100 more points. That is fucking infuriating. The level of incompetence on this team ends up with the players, but starts with the coaching staff. It’s just awful that one of the few guys on this team who isn’t fucking up and could this team win doesn’t even get a chance most of the time. Give Shady the ball every damn play for the love of fuck, at least you will get our respect.

Vote 1 for you still believe in the “West Coast Offense” and 10 for Marty Mornhinweg is currently the worst human on the planet now that Bin-Ladin is dead:

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