OXFORD – Oxford University’s women’s team are likely to have gripped the attention of rugby-phobics by releasing their naked charity calendar for 2014. The classy black-and-white shots were taken around the idyllic city, and the calendar is being sold for £10 to raise money for Oxford’s mental health awareness campaign, Mind Your Head.





I would gladly be beaten up by those European probable lesbians any day. Yeah, you got your frumpers. Middle two asses in pics 2 & 3 probably squat so much they could be mistaken for a mini Evan Mathis. But the overall quality compared to the USA Women’s Rugby field? Not even close. Butch County from start to finish. Take a look at these American heathens:




Woof. Wouldn’t touch any one of them with a 39 and a half foot pole. Conversely, most of these Oxford babes are welcome to sit on the face after knocking me unconscious, assuming they’re done doing the same with each other. Which is a huge assumption.