Bravo again, ESPN. Way to go into Arkansas to get some intelligent, insightful reactions from some Razorback faithful to the Bobby Petrino scandel and this is what you get. Oh, we have the President of Arkansas, Athletic Director, and a couple members of the Board of Trustees on line 1 with some respectable alumni waiting to comment? Ah, fuck it, we’ll just use this old senile bastard with the sideways hat and a tooth around his neck from a Razorback he killed with his bare hands who’s been talking to himself for the past 20 minutes in the parking lot. Literally watched this 15 times and still have 0 idea what this guy is trying to say. Dude is just rockin gloves for no reason and using his cigar to chastise society. Would bet the bank the only reason he’s out there is because he forgot where he parked even though there are only 10 cars in that parking lot. One things for damn sure, I want to know what this guy lies to his wife about and still gets forgiven and I wanted to know yesterday. Moonshine running? Uncalled for ass grabbing? Wild boar fisting? Possibilities are limitless.