“HandFartMaster” is all business. You can’t crack a smile when you need your hands to sound like someone molesting a Kazoo. Handfarting should be a requirement in all High School music classrooms. Just look at the range gashands has on his YouTube channel. The Beatles? Johnny Cash? AC/DC? With the right guidance this little shit should have the palm-squirts in front of sold out shows at Met in no time. And you’re damn right I would pay this kid to hand-fart some Beatles “All You Need Is Love” at my wedding then Sinatra’s “My Way” at my funeral. Kid deserves respect.

The only issue would be is if he ever hand-farts a Ke$ha tune. Definition of a double-negative right there. Space time continuum may not be able to handle a hand-farted version of a vocal queef.

UPDATE: Move over you little shit. Tito Puente here is going to need some Immodium AD to put out the fire coming out of his ass hands.