If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m all in on FX’s new show The Americans to the point if this were the 1950′s Joesph McCarthy would’ve blacklisted my balls faster than Pres queefs with delight when he spots a nickel on the sidewalk. Excluding HBO and Showtime of course Game of Thrones and Shameless burns the taint off of everything else, it’s the best show on TV besides Breaking Bad in my book. Plus Keri Russell is a certified MILF (even though she acts like a fucking woman) and the smokehouse Russian broad gets almost naked every episode. A+ television all around.

Got me thinking, is FX the hands down, go-to network now for original TV? Has to be, right? Not a bad show in the bunch. Always Sunny, The League, and Louie are all beyond great. Archer lost a step recently in my book but is still very decent. SOA and Justified are both underrated as all hell and off the tits. Don’t really watch American Horror Story but people go batshit over it. Wilfred and Legit are meh but are still better than 90% of everything else on TV. Only misses are Brand X, Charlie Sheen’s new show which I assume is exactly like Two and a Half Men and that dude from Totally Biased who I hate solely because he starts his name with the initial W (W. Kameau Bell) and EVERY SINGLE joke has to do about race, and is unfunny on top of it. Also, if you remember The Shield, Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, you remember good shit.

Only other competition for original TV on Cable is AMC. With them you got Breaking Bad, Mad Men then a HUGE drop off. I’ll say it again, The Walking Dead is the WORST show on TV that everyone can’t stop watching. Plus seeing the asshat on the Talking Dead and every time I even think about, let alone see a promo for Kevin Smith makes me want to die of AIDS in a fire.

Network TV sucks. What’s seriously good on CBS, ABC, NBC or FOX now besides sports coverage? If you even say Big Bang Theory get the fuck off this website and evaluate your life. How I Met Your Mother? I’ll give you Parks & Recreation and Modern Family but you can’t even say The Office for awhile now, and that includes even before Steve Carell left. Reality TV is what it is and until that Danish show where two old guys rate naked chick’s bodies like it’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes its way to the states, nothing is really over the top amazing.

Am I wrong?

Vote 1 for Quit Talking Out Of Your Ass, Smitty and 10 for I Want To Live With Frank Reynolds And Hibernate In Keri Russell’s Vagina

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