Let me preface this by saying I’m a huge history guy. Used to love the History Channel when there was actually, you know, ‘history’ stuff on it like The Revolution, The Dark Ages, The Civil War and shit about Hitler. Now obviously the History Channel has succomb to the depths of shitty American society who needs to be 100% entertained 24/7 and features shows that pimp out how patriotic they pretend to be like American Pickers, American Restoration and American Hicks Capture and Fuck Alligators in the Swamp.

But then there’s Pawn Stars. An OK show that’s absolutely nothing special. Definitely can’t be designated as awful or outstanding. It’s the definition of an average show. But for some reason I always come back to it like there’s nothing better on and I’m usually content. Granted, it helps that it’s always fucking on TV, but still I can’t name another show that’s on all the time and I don’t really get tired of. No idea why either. It’s just 3 fat guys and a cranky old man bargaining over shit I didn’t even know existed. The guys are likable but nothing to really love other than the Old Man slinging his Old Man in the Navy don’t give two shit’s dick around. Rick is a good guy and has his moments. I should hate Corey and Chumlee but I don’t. I definitely think if they were skinny I would think they were complete douchdicks, but since they’re fat I respect them more. But regardless, there’s only so many times someone can bring in Pope John Paul IIV’s slippers, Helen Keller’s chamber pot or Lincoln’s duck butter and be told there’s no market for it. Or what’s even worse is when they lowball the fuck out of people and turn around and sell it for 3x as much and overtime call it a “home run.” But for some reason I can’t look away. I need to know what happens. Am I alone with this?

Vote 1 for can’t stand the damn show whatsoever and 10 for I can watch 12 straight episodes and instantly become a certified expert on everything in the history of the world, but I still may need to call in a buddy:
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