Granted, I’ve never missed a show in the 2+ seasons it’s been on the air. Actually look forward to it. But why? Almost every episode seems either slow as shit or is a complete cock-tease and a half, which I guess is a good thing cause it keeps people coming back. I’ve never read the comics and realize that there are some die-hard people out there who live and die by comparing the show to the comic book. Ironically those are the same few people who have the honor to say they have once jerked off while wearing Spock ears, but regardless I don’t think you need to have read the comics to enjoy the show. It’s a decent series to say the least, but is it actually that good? It’s nothing compared to other AMC stalwarts like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but then again it’s a completely different genre. Plus the zombie craze is definitely getting old overall. Hipsters stole the zombie and made it part of their non-mainstream rape kit and still think it’s unique.

Basically what I’m getting at is what the headline asks, “Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Really That Good Or Is It The Worst Show That Everyone Can’t Stop Watching?”

Vote 1 for it’s a good show, just leave it at that and 10 for I’d rather have my nuts dangle in front of a herd than miss an episode.

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PS – Kill Carl. And the women. All of them. Make it the Rick, Darrell, the Asian kid (maybe) and T-Dawg survival show and you’ve got yourself a goddamn TV series.