jeremy maclin im that dude - Kelly has a variety of options to help supplement what was lost when Jackson was jettisoned. But Maclin, who played in the now-Redskins receiver’s shadow for most of his career, will be most responsible for running Jackson’s old routes. “I’m going to do the best thing that Jeremy Maclin can do, and that’s to try and be the total package,” Maclin said on Thursday after working out with the rest of the Eagles at the NovaCare Complex. “As far as trying to replace somebody … I’m not here to replace anybody. There is nobody to replace.” Still, Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns and was one of four receivers in the NFL to catch as many balls and average more than 16.2 yards per reception in 2013. “I think we’ll be fine, man,” Maclin said. “Obviously, DeSean’s one of the better playmakers in this league, but we’re moving forward.” “Chip said it himself: the offense is not built around one guy,” Maclin said. “We have multiple guys that go out there and make plays.”

Love it. Nobody in the world is more tired of hearing about DeSean Jackson than Jeremy Maclin. No doubt Mac in his heart feels he’s a better all-around receiver than DeSean, and sitting on the sidelines watching dudes like Riley Cooper and Jeff Maehl get quality looks in this offense had to kill him. Hell, if any of the rumors about DeSean cursing out Chip and/or otherwise being a distraction are true, the fire inside Jeremy to get back on the field and prove himself a better option than 10MODE 11MODE had to be raging.

“I think we’ll be fine, man.”
“The offense isn’t built around one guy.”
“There’s nobody to replace.”

“Nobody to replace”! It’s at that level for Mac now. Doesn’t even wanna acknowledge him. Nothing left to do except get on the field and prove it.