EONLINE – Leave it to Lady Gaga to refuse to let an injury cramp her style!
After undergoing hip surgery last month, the singer turned to designer Ken Borochov of luxury label Mordekai to create a custom wheelchair. And Borochov certainly didn’t disappoint, creating a head-turning 24-karat gold plated chair that will have Gaga riding out her recovery in style!

So Lady Gaga had some dick removal hip surgery and decided she needed to have a custom designed, gold plated wheelchair, which honestly I have no problem with. Like it or not, she’s a superstar. When you have almost 35 million Twitter followers you can’t be seen in the same schlub ironside that some jackass kid with Spina Bifida uses. You need the Rolls Royce of wheelchairs. Something to where you’re almost glad you’re handicapped. Even if no amount of gold on those cripple wheeling rims is going to take my attention from your meh face and the thought of what probably resides between your legs.

But no motor on that puppy? That’s amateur hour, Gaga. Yeah you’ve got people to carry you around even when you can walk, but nothing says fun like racing around in your own personal Rascal for awhile. Never give up the chance when you actually need it to be the true Lord of the sidewalk/Wal-Mart, unless of course your body has it’s own gravitational pull. Then you need to get your fat as fuck ass up and walk or use a manual wheeler to get your daily requirements of syrup and Crisco.