This video is going semi-viral and people are praising this ‘Batman’ for ‘streaking’ and ‘avoiding’ the cops. All false. First off, if you’re going into something for fun where there’s a 99.99999% chance you’re getting arrested, go big or go home. Pick a side, either go all out Batman or streak. Don’t half ass it with just a cape, hat and boxers. That’s amateur hour. Dude looks like more of a shirtless Dancin’ Homer who runs like he’s got a Louisville Slugger stuck up his ass than Batman. Go full batsuit or birthday suit. However going naked with just a cape would be one of the most brilliant moves in the history of streaking.

But that’s neither here nor there. The real point of this video is this is legitimately the worst take down performance of a streaker I’ve ever seen in my life. Horrible showing by the cops. Taking down streakers should be the Super Bowl for stadium security. Cop wood should be popped the second they even suspect someone jumps the railing. It’s the one chance they have to full speed form tackle somebody with no repercussions. Make a good hit in front of thousands and you’re an internet star overnight. Could be a life changing moment. The number one commandment for entering the field of play illegally is keeping the head on a swivel for that reason. But Baltimore’s finest just embarrasses themselves. Usually it’s mass hysteria trying to catch a streaker like he has a bomb that’s going to kill everyone in the stadium if you don’t tackle him within 30 seconds. Not in Camden Yards. This shit isn’t even a 2 star GTA wanted level. And Adam Jones needs to make a play here too. Can’t just stand there arms folded. Not earning your contract on the field gotta make up for it in some other ways. Put a sauced up Albert Belle back in RF for the Orioles and it would’ve been Batman vs. Bane and a fight to the death.