CHINA – A man took to putting on 70 items of clothing to avoid an extra baggage charge at an airport. The unidentified passenger turned up at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China, described as looking like a ‘sumo wrestler’. According to Guangzhou Daily, the man’s luggage exceeded the weight limit. He did not want to pay the extra baggage costs, and thus took out and wore more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans. Wanting to board a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he was stopped by the metal detector and had to undergo a full body search. In his numerous pockets were batteries, thumb drives and device chargers.

The baggage charge is essentially a ‘fuck you’ payment forced on by the airline industry and this man just outfucked the fuckers. Anything to beat the system. But I don’t know if I could succumb to putting on every article of clothing for a long distance flight. Have to be the most comfortable possible to sit in your 2×4 caged seat not wanting to kill yourself. I’m talking about no shoes, no underwear, mesh shorts, and intramural sports t-shirts from 4 years ago. Sitting there with that amount of shit on is essentially a first class ticket to Wedgie City. Still though, dude probably took up less space than the average fat piece of Honey Boo Boo shit who tries to squeeze into 1 airline seat. Fat asses pissed off they have to buy 2 seats even though their 80-pound moose knuckles are a fire hazard laying in the middle of the aisle.

And where the hell is this pre-madonna going with 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans anyways? Is it even possible for a guy to own 9 pairs of jeans and have legitimately have somewhere to go? 3-4 pairs max and the first time they get washed is never.