YOUTUBE – This, folks, right HERE is Richmond VA at it’s finest! Jesus be a radioactive fence all around me right now and forever!

“One man. One Lord. One Faith. One Baptism. Two nunchucks.”

Move over Gus Johnson, there’s a new sheriff in town. If commentary this good can be achieved in a Food Lion parking lot I’d love to put this guy besides Sir Charles and smite the FCC in the name of Jesus. But I’d like to see how good Jesus is a radioactive fence around him if racist Pop Pop saw him making fun of him trying to improve his yellow belt status and starts nunchucking some dick. Just lucky the old man’s trigger finger is broken from going up in the air like Mary Lou Retton or he’d for sure get one of the 12 guns in his pick up and start firing aimlessly in the name of the Lord. Looks like the devil won this round, indeed.