SCA Mexican restaurant in South Carolina is raising eyebrows for its T-shirts depicting “how to catch an illegal immigrant” — with old-style box traps using tacos as bait. Taco Cid is located on Charleston Highway in West Columbia. On Sunday, the Free Times’ Corey Hutchins posted a photo of someone who appears to be a Taco Cid employee wearing the offensive shirt. If the shirt’s meaning isn’t clear enough, the letters are colored with the red, white and green of the Mexican flag.

This is racist? I don’t have an ounce of sombrero in me but I guarantee this trap would work on me and the majority of other Americans. Good tacos are the tits. These fur traps will end up catching only raccoons and college kids baked off their dick. But to say this is racist? Don’t think so. For it to be racist you gotta be more specific to segregate just one race. Like if you wanted to trap blacks, the politically incorrect way to go would be to put a bunch of watermelons and welfare checks under the box. Whites – Karaoke mic with “Don’t Stop Believing” cued up with an Iphone5 and a PayPal payment from their parents to cover their next cell phone bill. Asians – A guarantee their kids will get into an Ivy league school and marry another Asian. Happy endings for all. Jews – A couple of pennies would do the trick. Not saying that it’s right, but if you’re gonna cross the line, grow some cojones and go all out. Keep the tacos, but have them surround a lawnmower ridden by a maid from the nearest Holiday Inn ready to fertilize her 6th egg in 7 years and the promise of 80hrs of work for $2.25 an hour and 2 water breaks per day. Have to bring your own water though, the 1% isn’t no damn charity case.