The Hockey Gods are finally rewarding me for all the slaughtered lambs I’ve been murder-sacrificing on my lawn for the last month. Halleluha. Holy shit. The Flyers are finally catching some bounces and are winning some crucial games to stay on the playoff bubble.  I’m convinced that Wayne Simmonds’ skates are touched by little hockey angels, riding little angelic zambonis in hockey heaven. Plus, Crosby broke his jaw, the Rangers traded Gaborik, and Kovalchuk is still a long ways away from returning from his bum shoulder.  It’s like the Atlantic Division Sea is parting down the middle for either the Flyers or the Islanders to dangle right into the promised land. But fuck the Islanders. They’ll always be two years away from being good. It’s the Flyers that were chosen by sweet little Canadien baby infant Jesus to be awesome and win Stanley Cups!

Looking forward to this game tonight like I haven’t in a long time. I’m using binoculars over here, that’s how forward my looking is. Toronto is a surprise playoff team this year that has beaten the Flyers twice already. JVR hasn’t scored in ten games, but this Kadri kid is finally living up to his hype and is torching the score sheet. They hit hard and they score a lot. It’s gonna be a tough test coming off a game last night, but a huge road win would be great boost in confidence and morale for the Flyers as they fight to stay alive while closing out the final act of this season.

Besides getting a whiff of Steve Mason, I want to see if our new gorilla beast, Rosehill, has any impact on the game. The Flyers have a lot stacked up against them, including a severely depleted defense, but this set back has been a major opportunity for Gustafsson to showcase his talents.  I’m looking for Scott Hartnell to ramp up his offensive game, and I also want to see a couple bullshit goals go our way tonight. A nice 5-0 win on the road would be nice. Let’s make a run.