Fuck everything. This season sucks, and guess what? Next season is gonna suck too.  I saw it coming for a couple years now, despite our deep playoff runs the last few years. That was a smoke screen. But now the end is here. The end of competitive Flyers hockey as we know it.  It was a good 20 years, but now its over.  Flyers are gonna suck forever now. And this is how it happened.

2009-2010: Flyers fire Stevens. Laviolette comes in and immediately has a problem with Stevens’ guys, Richards and Carter. Lavs loves Pronger and the locker room is divided between Pronger-Laviolette dudes and Richards dudes.  Pronger hates Giroux because he spins around too much and causes turnovers.  We go on to the Stanley Cup Finals this year so the tension gets swept under the rug.

2010-2011: Trade Gagne to Tampa.  Letting go of a fan favorite should have been a warning sign of things to come. But the Flyers look awesome to start the season.  Season is going great until we trade for Kris Versteeg and Pronger breaks his hand.  Laviolette doesn’t stick with Bobrovsky in the playoffs and we get swept by Boston. Snider has a meltdown.

2011-2012: Trade Richards for Schenn and Simmonds. Hated this more than anything that ever happened (although I really like Simmonds now). Trade Carter for Voracek and essentially Couturier. Not terrible. Ed “Jerry Jones” Snider forces Holmgren to sign Bryzgalov.  Sign Jagr and Talbot, which were great moves. But, for some reason, the Flyers decide to rebuild their core and wind up starting 12 different rookies this season. Pronger goes down for the year, but Giroux Jagr and Hartnell have a monster year, and we make it to the East Finals.

2013: Now this season is where everything catches up to the Flyers.  Timonen is now old, Pronger is done. We don’t sign Jagr or Carle because we are making cap space for Weber. That falls through.  Trade JVR for Luke Schenn. Briere is no longer a threat. Hartnell got hurt and now just wants to bang Sheena Parveen instead of play hockey.

(Editor’s Note: can you blame him?)

And now we don’t have anymore goal scorers anywhere.  Wayne Simmonds is the only good player we have now.

We don’t have any Flyers on the Flyers anymore. There are only Six players on the team right now that started the season on the 2009-2010 Cup team roster. SIX. And that was only Three years ago.


That’s it.  And that’s why we suck.  We have no core. And how many players in this current core did we draft?  TWO.  Just Giroux and Rinaldo, and Rinaldo didn’t even play in the Cup series.  Too many new dudes. Not enough homegrown talent.  The players don’t care about this team, they have no history or chemistry together.

Laviolette fucked us trying to build a team with his own guys. He won with Stevens’ guys, the same as Andy Reid winning with Ray Rhodes’ guys.  Only difference is Laviolette isn’t gonna get another 10 years as coach, so whatever he is trying to build is gonna be the next coaches problem.  FIRE EVERYONE.

Fuck sports. Fuck the Penguins. Fuck Iginla. I hate everything.