Inspired by DeSean’s epic punt return being named the greatest play in NFL history, I decided to come up with the top 10 plays in Philly Sports history. But That involved way too much work and effort. So I got the best three “holy shit, no fucking way that just happened, that’s the sickest shit I’ve ever seen, I can’t stop crying” plays that I remember instead.

1. The Shift

2010 Game Five, Eastern Conference Finals vs Montreal.  Down one early in the first. Shorthanded.

People wonder why I’m still so hung up on Mike Richards.  Fuck outta here. Watch this shift from start to finish and keep your eyes on 18. Unbelievable hustle. Easily the best play I’ve ever seen.

2. Miracle at the New Meadowlands

2010 Week 15. Down 31-10 with 7:38 to play in the 4th. The NFC East Championship on the line.  Eagles comeback to tie the game. Jackson fields a punt with :10 seconds left.

Greatest play in NFL History.

3. The Pump

2008 Game Five, World Series vs Tampa. Tie game in the 7th.

What can you say about Chase Utley that hasn’t been said about Jesus Christ riding a velociraptor? Just straight pimp all the way. Most heads up play in baseball history.

Honorable Mentions:

Sheldon Brown’s hit on Reggie Bush

Matt Stairs beautiful pinch hit home run
Iverson steps over Tyronn Lue
Brad Lidge’s final out
Primeau’s six-overtime game winner
Emmitt Smith stacked up on 4th down
Giroux’s shootout goal vs Toronto
Sami Kapanen getting back to the bench
4th and 26
McNabb at Dallas 14 second scramble.