Let’s face it, the Eagles have been an embarrassment for the past two years. Not only because they have lost, but because they have shown a complete lack of effort or desire to win from individual players up through the head coach. This fanbase can understand if a team sucks from time to time. It’s part of the game. But to have a team filled with people who are getting paid millions and don’t even come close to leaving it all out on the field is downright un-fucking-acceptable in this town. A change is needed for every aspect of the team from the coaches and the players to even the uniforms.

Will going back to the old uniforms change anything? Probably not. Didn’t work too well for the Sixers as the only people who probably realized they went back to their old school wear 3 years ago are the dozens of people who attend the games, and Mo. But these midnight green shits haven’t been good from the beginning. The kelly green style should’ve never been changed in the first place. They’re by far the best uni’s the Eagles have ever worn. Get back to the roots of this team where players who donned that uniform like Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Randall Cunningham and maybe the memories of how played the game how it was supposed to be played will rub off on the future of this team.

This is America, dammit. If your voices can be heard, they need to be heard. Is this petition going to change anything if it gets the desired 50,000 votes? Hell no. This ownership doesn’t give two shits about what the fans think. But what if 500,000 sign it? Or a million? Or if we start a Facebook page saying if we get a million likes then Howie Roseman’s morning shower turns Golden via EDP? Can’t ignore the masses forever, Jeffrey.

Basically if you’re and Eagles fan and don’t sign this petition, you’re a communist.

But seriously, Lurie, give the fans the kelly green jerseys. Just something to make us happy. We’re going to be out of the playoffs for the next 2 years regardless if we wear kelly green or motherfucking Halo suits.