RI -Officer Tony Lepore is actually a retired cop who reports for duty 10 days a year to cheer up the city at Christmastime for a flat $1,200 fee. Lepore’s routine debuted in 1984, but he’s still got the moves (and the flexibility), as he can drop down to his knees.

Hey, can’t hate the moves, but there’s no way in hell Tony Lepore is actually directing traffic. All show, no substance. Old man’s out there dressed as one of the Village People blowing a whistle and dancing around like an epileptic John Travolta. Only move that I see that remotely might direct traffic is the old whistle blow/ass thrust combo, and I guarantee that move made women wetter than a thunderstorm in the ’70′s. But again, can’t hate a man for himself making fun of his pointless job. Because who says he can be replaced by a simple stop sign or traffic signal? No red light out there can get down on its knees and give a mustache ride like the great Tony Lepore.