‘MERICA – A prominent bioethicist is proposing a new push for what he says is an “edgier strategy” to promote weight loss: ginning up social stigma. Daniel Callahan, a senior research scholar and president emeritus of The Hastings Center, put out a new paper this week calling for a renewed emphasis on social pressure against heavy people — what some may call fat-shaming — including public posters that would pose questions like this: “If you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?” Callahan outlined a strategy that applauds efforts to boost education, promote public health awareness of obesity and curb marketing of unhealthy foods to children. But, he added, those plans could do with a dose of shame if there’s any hope of repairing a nation where more than a third of adults and 17 percent of kids are obese. “Safe and slow incrementalism that strives never to stigmatize obesity has not and cannot do the necessary work,” wrote Callahan in a Hastings Center Report from the nonprofit bioethics think tank.

Finally, somebody in the scientific community having the balls to say what we all think and know. Enough of this pussification, everybody gets a trophy horseshit. It’s not good for society. Anyone who needs to lose 50+ pounds or is in danger in the next 3 years of losing all their toes isn’t going to change their mindset if they’re allowed to go around and say, “Being Big-Boned runs in the family” or “That tub of mayonaisse isn’t going to eat itself” without being ridiculed constantly. If you’re so obese that you haven’t seen your dick since the Clinton administration you have every right to be called a fat fuck to your face every chance somebody gets. Don’t end the shame there. Fupas should be marked, identified and branded with the McDonald’s logo like cattle. Ban all scooters at Wal-Mart and make those walruses waddle in shame to get their dinner consisting of Pepsi and Crisco. Hell, the exertion may even be too much for them to hit up the “fruit and vegetable” aisle to get their Gushers and Candy Corn. Then and only then will there be a change of mindset in this land.

Sad part is, no way in hell this scientist’s research will ever be followed. America is in too deep already. We need a hero in this country to tell it like it is, and that hero is Al Bundy: