BRAZIL – We’ve heard of milking it for the camera, but this is udderly ridiculous. Sabrina Boing Boing, a brazilian model, is woman of many talents including DJ’ing, impersonating Pamela Anderson and her latest endeavor, breastfeeding calves. It appears to be quite the mooooving experience too. Boing Boing instagrammed photos of herself lending her ample breasts to an unsuspecting calf on the side of the road in her native country. Happy as that farm animal might be, people in Brazil are having a cow over the photos, which were accompanied with the caption, “some things don’t need to make sense, just worth it!”

What utter nonesense. Love to bounce on those Boing Boings like Sugar Ray Leonard. Hey, as long as no horsedick has penetrated through that ass, which is probably the only thing living in length that could do so, she can breastfeed my own mother if she wants. But unfortunately if she’s nurturing Bambi because it’s “Just worth it!” you can guarantee she’s slayed an actual beast on a farm or two in her lifetime. And that brings me back to the very first article I wrote on the Stool, Would you rather go out with a woman who has slayed over 1,000 people, or a broad who has fucked just one animal? I’d pass on this one, but I can see for some of you it would depend on the animal. Because ball and that booty don’t lie.