StreetsDeptAs it stands today, Philadelphia has the most public murals in America, but what we don’t have is the largest public mural. No, the largest public mural in Amaerica lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha – of all places! Signing this petition would send a message to the Mayor of Philadelphia, the man who writes the city’s checks, Mr. Michael Nutter, that having the most isn’t enough. We want the biggest too! And what a better place for the nation’s largest public mural than on the back of the PSFS Building? Right in the middle of our skyline, and currently painted a boring black, the back of the PSFS Building is the ideal canvas for such a project. Sign today and share with your friends. We can do this! P.S. ENTER A FAKE PHILLY ADDRESS, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOUR REAL ONE.

Don’t want to give the wrong impression here as I am personally totally down with putting a huge mural on the back of the PSFS building and giving Philly the title of Biggest Mural to go along with our Most Murals championship. No problem at all. The issue I have is how these guys think this is a worthy cause in a city ready to cut many millions from its education budget.

Don’t you jabroni’s see that there are other things to be worrying about besides trying to completely mural-ify every flat surface in the city? I guess who needs teachers, materials, or computers when you have the country’s biggest mural, right? Classroom learning is so 19th century, anyway. I’m sure the children of North Philly will learn just as much wondering around their neighborhoods looking at murals as they would’ve behind a “desk” reading “books” with a “teacher”.

Why is it job of this city’s hipsters to ensure that every single wall in the city is covered with pictures of important dead minorities or some skinnyjeans’ idea of artistic expression? PSFS building, sure, paint it up. But can we leave a few walls un-muraled before it becomes mandatory in Philadelphia to paint pictures on everything?