ENGLAND – Guys are sick and tired of staring at women’s shapely thighs and cleavage all day. Wait, what? A British Heart Foundation study reportedly found that some men — yes, real men — want low-cut tops, hot pants and miniskirts banned from the office because they’re too distracting. A surprising 27 percent of dudes questioned want see-through tops outlawed, 24 percent said miniskirts should bite the dust and 30 percent were anti-leopard print. Now for the big question: Will women put away their boobage and go for a mellower look?

Really? Currently one out of every three men is now either gay or an office cockblock? There is very little to like about the daily 9-5 chimp grind, but one of the few things that make the day just slightly less suicidal is seeing some suggestive wear on the chick who’s a solid-office-8 but real-world-5. If she gives you a half-chub at the desk while daydreaming and it kills a half-hour, that’s all you can really ask for. Plus dressing that way is beneficial for the woman, too. No better way to break through that glass ceiling than to show the goods on a daily basis and maybe even let the beaver loose once in a little while on the boss. Career dreams fulfilled. Only explanation why this number is 30% is that some of the guys polled must not even have anything above an office-6 walking around. Just surrounded on a daily basis by livestock that only graze on birthday cake in the break room and foreign chicks who forget to shave and smell like what I would imagine a vaginal discharge from a burrito would smell like. Women like that need to go back their shanties.