Woof. Barstool Chicago had similar pics of her a couple weeks back, but these new disturbing images just surfaced last week. What the shit is happening? Decent chance Ashton is using her face as the sparring partner for his balls. Look, I get it. All famous women are done up with makeup for in front of the cameras and there should be a drop off without it and blah blah blah. Bulldick. There is no excuse for this. If you’re named the Sexiest Woman Alive and have the combination to the vault in every male’s spank bank, you have hereby lost the right to not give a shit. You want to put on sweats and look like you’ve just been teabagged for a week by a oiled up catchers mitt? Do it in a couple years when your prime is toast after a kid and a couple dark dicks leave your vagina looking like something Picasso drew. Don’t stop caring now while you’ve still got a couple of decent seasons left in your swing. Now at least we finally know why Macaulay Culkin got his taint massaged by Mila for almost a decade. Add a couple months of hard drugs to her resume and she may go back to him as the female Cricket.

PS – Redemption: