YouTube – The concept was a dance off instead of a debate between Obama (young man in white shirt) and Romney (wearing mask and blue shirt). Then Big Bird comes out and slugs Romney for his comments about Sesame Street in reference to Public Broadcasting. Important to note: The band director simply stated at the start of the skit “Are ya’ll going to vote this Tuesday?” – then the dance off began.

I have…no words.

Nothing shows the true spirit of the Democracy than having a black kid go whiteface in a Romney mask get knocked out by Big Bird then lose in a dance off to Obama wearing a cumber bun during halftime of a high school football game. Haters gonna hate but they don’t wanna learn.

By far the best part in the video is seeing the opposing team’s all white crowd in the bleachers behind the band and wondering how many of them went to early vote Republican before the 3rd quarter began.

PS – They better get that Big Bird costume back to PBS headquarters, STAT. Most realistic costume in the history of costumes.