The Flyers actually played really well for the first 2 periods Tuesday night against the Devils.  But the Devils some how managed to score 2 goals with 1 scoring chance and 3 shots in the first.  The cycle was producing great opportunities for cutting wing men like Simmonds and Hartnell, who just kept getting stoned by Marty B. Matt Read was on fire all game and played outstanding two way hockey each shift.  Giroux took a slash to the wrist midway through the first and didn’t record a shot for the entire game. Not that it was a major deal or anything, but I’m sure his wrist felt like shit for the remainder of the game.   Giroux contributed the most by winning 14 of 20 faceoffs, and the team won  56% of the draws collectively  for the game.  The Flyers lost their composure after Timonen got drilled, and played the rest of the game looking for fights instead of goals.

That Shit I Don’t Like:

- Went 0 for 6 on the powerplay. Powerplay sucks bag so far, and it didn’t help that Lavs threw  Couturier, Schenn, and McGinn out on the first powerplay.  Like what are you thinking Pete? Not really the best time to give these kids practice. Maybe if we were up by 2 or something, but not when you’re down by 1 in a snake bitten first.

- Blind clearing attempts back behind the net.  Coburn and Meszaros are the prime culprits for this bullshit.  Even when they have enough time to gather the puck and make a smart outlet pass from behind their net, they routinely fire blind backhanders which get cutoff on the boards by aggressive forecheckers, which leads to turnovers and opposing team scoring chances.  Luke Schenn may not be as impressive as I’d hoped he’d be thus far, but I like the way he clears the zone.

- Brayden Schenn.  I’ve been trying to like this kid cause he’s got all the potential in the world, but he sucks. I’m sorry,  I like his physical play, but he coughs up the puck on offense and makes stupid plays non stop. It’s not just him, but these turnovers are killing us.

- Voracek at the point.  This guy needs to be in the corners or behind the net feeding pucks into the slot.  He’s a terrific playmaker so I understand what Lavs is doing, but Jake is best suited creating shots down low.

- The Schenn, McGinn, Simmonds line was straight ass.

We have no offense. It has become obvious that you can’t just deal Richards, Carter, Gagne,  Jagr, and JVR and expect our defense and goaltending to steal games.  They can’t.  The Flyers have to score 4 goals a game to win.  It’s always been about offense with this team, and it always will be.  Somebody has to turn into a 40 goal scorer or we have no shot at a cup run this year.

Tonight we face a tough Rangers team coming off of a huge OT win against the Bruins last night.  Hopefully the Rags will have a let down game, and the Flyers fresh legs will win them the game.  We need all the help we can get right now.  Just get that first W boys, and we’ll try and build something positive with this stupid ass season.