HUFFPO – Barack Obama’s recent admission that he enjoyed skeet shooting at Camp David — and the subsequent photo — have been shot around the Internet. Now, Herobuilders, a Connecticut-based company, is gunning for some media attention by creating an action figure of the president shooting skeet. The $19.95 doll features the commander in chief wearing a sweatshirt with the words “clay pigeons” on it and is accessorized with a hunting shotgun. Although the head of the toy looks like Obama — with a slightly more demented grin — the muscle-bound arms seem to belong more to an 1980s-era action star like Dolph Lundgren than the comparatively skinny president.

Skeet skeet skeet motherfuckers! Can’t wait to line this jacked up, gun toting President up against what’s left of my ’90′s wrestling figurines. Bret “The Hitman” Hart hasn’t been challenged since ’96 when we put him, Hulk Hogan, The Bushwhackers and The Ultimate Warrior in the oven and was the lone survivor before the match concluded prematurely when my father smelled smoke and started hitting me with a belt. Thus ended the first and only Holocaust Memorial Royal Rumble in the Smith household. But here we have just another dose of blatent liberal propaganda. A metaphor of an overly strong Nobama who is for some reason in blacker face holding the only legal gun left in this country, smiling because he just made a deal with Russia to conceive all our future babies after taking a shit Ronald Reagan’s grave. Seems legit enough.