Dad from stands: “Join the game mentally!”

Kid on court: “Will you shut up or leave.”

Dad: “You’re 0-11 man.”

Hilarious. Exactly how every kid who had parents who cared about them playing sports remembers most of their childhood. And by kids who had parents who cared about them playing I of course mean kids who had parents who played athletics in their youth but fell short at their own dreams but are living through their spawn. Just the way it is. Absolutely overbearing (mostly) Dads ensuring their children have the glory they failed to achieve. My Dad was that Little League coach who, albeit did a great job, would freak out extra hard on his kid. I’d take a hot shot at 3rd off the face from a bad hop and get screamed at for not being a man and making the play in time. Meanwhile the retarded right fielder who had the mobile skills of Walter White Jr. would literally piss himself whenever a can of corn came his way basically got blown in the dugout for his heroic effort for trying. No justice.

This bitch soccer Mom really Princess Zelda? Take your spoiled shits and pointy ears back to Hyrule.