Finally, we’ve got ourselves an episode. Consistant action from start to finish, the Governor getting shanked in the eye, somebody finally calling Carol a lesbian to her face. Decent all the way through. I mean, we have to ignore the subpar writing and unrealistic scenarios like the group being pinned down in a corner of the town by gunfire and they still manage to escape killing about a dozen of the enemy and not having a main character that matters shot (sorry, token black guy). But this was easily the most entertaining episode since the first two of this season.

Again, I haven’t read the comics so I don’t know what’s around the corner, but it seems like the story is moving farther away from surviving just against the walking dead and more about surviving against each other. Which I guess is OK, as long as they keep the action up. There’s only so much Carl and Carol vagina hugging this show can take from now on. Continue with the killing and plot twists and people will watch, but holy hell if they kill off Daryl it will be a huge mistake. And I don’t see how he can get out of his current situation without him getting killed or an outrageously unrealistic escape happening. Obviously the latter is going to occur when Rick and the 3 others, including Glenn who can barely see and breathe, storm the Bastille defended by 60 armed people and rescue Daryl after he kills his brother in the ring. No chance in that not happening.

Doing a good job keeping the token black guy turnstile going, AMC. Lose the dark prisoner, gain another black straggler. Props to the producers for maintaining the least amount of political correctness as possible and yet keep the important racial stereotypes alive in the horror genre.