Been getting chirped through email recently about what happened to Walking Dead Recaps and some dude last night on Twitter set me off after he described the last two episodes as “bonkers”. There’s a specific reason why I haven’t done a Walking Dead recap blog since the mid-season premiere in February after the rescue of Glenn and Maggie and subsequent attack on Woodbury…the 6 episodes since could be summarized in 6 fucking minutes. Legitimately nothing has happened in those 6 hours plot wise besides Meryl coming back and the Governor meeting Rick. No real action, no real developments, just pointless bullshit until the two sides fight again. Inexcusable.

For some Andrea has become the focal point of the show which is God awful. She’s become the most annoying fucking character ever solely because she’s a woman and is trying to take charge. Nothing against her, but it’s the zombie apocalypse, bitch. Stick to the kitchen. Nothing has happened at the prison with exception to the 3 minutes at the end of one episode when the Gov attacked. NOTHING.¬†Okay, that one episode when Rick, Michonne and Carl went and got attacked by that black dude Rick met before was decent, but completely unnecessary. Other than that, Glenn and Maggie bitch then fuck then bitch again, Herschal just gives a couple lines of old man shit every episode, Daryl is devastatingly underused, Meryl just sits back and tries to cause shit but nothing happens. Even Rick’s airtime has dramatically decreased. What is the point of chemo Carol and Herschal’s other daughter on the show? Nada. Kill them both and throw Judith off the 2nd cell block tier. Was actually excited to see Tyrese introduced as the new token black guy ready to swing some dark dick around but I guess he’ll be dead before anyone can like him too much.

I said it in the first blog that I wrote about TWD that it may be the worst show that everyone can’t stop watching, and I stand by that. Season 1 was as boss as you can get, but since then people are just holding onto false hope. Viewing the last few episodes have been painful to watch and even more predictable. Feels like watching the damn Eagles. You have to watch but just get pissed because there’s so much talent and opportunity out there but in the end all you get is unfulfilled potential and a kick to the taint. The show is the biggest cocktease out there today and it unfortunately has most of America’s nuts in a cracker.

PS – That host on The Talking Dead needs to be set up in the Gov’s torture chair and given the William Wallace treatment.