See, now this is where I yearn for a simpler time in the show like Season 1. All you had to watch was people banding together trying to survive zombies trying chomp some nuts off. The only real story line other than survival was Shane vs. Rick for the battle of the puss. That’s it. Yeah, you had the occasional slow spots and the women being as painfully useless as women can be when they’re counted to step up in an apocalypse, but overall it was very enjoyable to watch because it was what it was. For being an unrealistic show about zombies, the characters were at least very real and realistic. Fast forward to the current state season 3. Let’s recap the 427 story lines that are going on right now:

Rick going batshit.

Asian dude fucking Herschel’s daughter.

An entire town that seems like a refuge but isn’t.

The Governor of that town is batshit and keeps his zombie daughter in his room and decapitated heads in a walk in closet, both of which we see for 5 seconds and get 0 explanation for either.

A scientist in that town trying to find a cure.

Angela staying in the town

Governor trying to slay Angela.

Merrill (essentially a new main character).

Merrill wanting to find his brother.

Michonne (another new main character) on her own.

Herschel stomping around like Blackbeard needing Depends.

Carl trying not to be a pussy.

Other young chick who I don’t know her name who is going to be Carl’s first pussy if he doesn’t end up dead/gay (odds of either happen first though are currently set at 1/20).

Two new prisoners trying to prove themselves to the group.

Oh yeah, and a FUCKING USELESS BABY THAT IS NOW GOING TO BE THE CENTER OF EVERY EPISODE along with an introduction to the zombie fight club that took up the last 15 minutes of the show for some reason.

Way to much going on. They could easily kill off over half the people in the show and follow only 2 or 3 of those story lines and make it a lot better. Just follow Rick and a couple of the group around trying to survive then devote 1/100th of the time you are giving to the town and the Governor, because right now that town is boring as whale shit. Less is more. They gotta stick to the formula that worked in the beginning but we all know they won’t and things will just end up getting more and more out there as the episodes go on. I guess that’s why TWD is the worst show that everyone can’t stop watching.