Editor’s note: we have a new Flyers writer. This is not related to our other writer search, it’s more related to how lazy realanonymous is and how hungry delo has been. Kid plays minor league hockey and knows his shit and has finally worked his way into the Barstool Philly rotation. realanonymous is still my boy since like 5th grade and will continue to contribute here and there, but from this point on delo is the Flyers guy.

By bringing in Lecavalier this is Homer telling us one thing: the Flyers are looking to win NOW.  Lecavalier will most likely be slotted into the second line center position.  Sure he’s not the same player who once scored 50 goals in a season or the player who lead his team to a Stanley Cup.  But he’s a player that will bring experience and leadership.  Lecavalier won’t give you 100 points like in 07’ but he’ll give you consistency, something the Flyers have lacked.  A crazy stat that I almost didn’t believe until I did the math myself is that Lecavalier over the past three seasons has more points per game than: Marleau, Gaborik, Parise, Krejci, Begeron, B. Ryan, Briere, Richards, and Heatley.  Lecavalier has just been quietly doing his thing down in Tampa.

Some critics say Lecavalier won’t be able to keep up with the pace that Lavy demands in his players, that he will just be too slow. I on the other hand think this change of scenery will light a fire in Lecavalier’s tank propelling him to what I predict to be a 65-point season from him.  Numbers wise it worked for the Flyers too: Briere was costing them $6.5mil while Lecavalier will cost them $4.5mil.  Briere is 35…Lecavalier is 33.  I can’t imagine a team saying they’d take Briere over Lecavalier at this point in their careers.  Although I’d rather see them spend the money on a shut down Dman but that’s another blog.

The main thing about this deal is that it leaves me wondering if they are still trying to move Couturier or Schenn?  I see them sliding Schenn over to the wing to play with Lecavalier and Simmonds.  This puts Couturier at the third line center position.  Sure he’s done a good job of shutting down top opponents (Malkin 2012 playoffs) but is this really where the Flyers had visions of him being?  Time will tell but for now a solid addition to the Flyers in Lecavalier. Next Target: Tim Thomas